Electrical System

Do you have a dash light that comes on intermittently? Do you feel like it’s your car that is always blowing a fuse? Are you looking for a reliable company to check on your vehicle’s electrical system?

The automobile uses three basic systems to work — mechanical, chemical and electrical systems. If any one of these systems malfunctions, then your vehicle may not be able to run efficiently.

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Electrical System Repair Scottsdale

Whether you have a fleet of vehicles or just one, Combs Auto Repair can set up a program to ensure your needs for electrical system repair are handled properly.

You have access to one of the best electrical system repair companies. Small, medium-sized or large cars, vans, trucks, busses or tractors all can have their electrical systems professionally assessed and serviced.

In our company, one can have their starters, batteries and chargers assessed, repaired and replaced by skilled professionals with a vast knowledge of the automotive electrical system.

Our diagnosis will cover the following, plus much more:

  • Complete Automotive Charging System diagnostics and repair
  • Battery installation/Life Testing, with a wide selection of batteries available if needed
  • Alternator replacement
  • Power windows/seats/locks diagnostics and repair
  • Vehicle Bulb replacement for headlights, taillights, dome lights, turn signal lights and more
  • Trailer light installation and repair

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These guys are so accommodating. I waited for my car and didn’t finish 2 chapters before it was done.
Doug B

I really feel that I can trust Combs to give me honest advice as to what my car needs and does not need repaired! I have moved my service from the dealership to Combs and am very happy!!!
Mark & Nancy D

I went to Combs for an oil change on two vehicles. They did the work in about a hour. As usual they never try to tslk you into more work that you do not need
Jack H

Knowledgeable, Courteous Staff. Honest and fair price for parts an labor.
Rick G

Always friendly, comprehensive in describing the issues, plan and repairs!
Nanette & Steve S

This was a routine oil change visit but I’m always treated as a Valued Customer! Eric and Leo are always welcoming and happy to answer any questions/concerns that I may have! This is part of the reason that I continue to refer friends and clients to Combs Auto Repair!
Benda H

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